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    adobe crash daemon


      Whenever my mac starts to freeze up from heavily running Ae, whether or not I'm running other adobe apps or other apps unrelated I have a go to fix all solution within Mac osx. I've never been able to find a discussion on such but I can't be the only one who does this. Especially, over the last couple years on a smorgasbord of Mac's running everything from mountain lion and on. It almost always recovers Ae or Pr and frees my Mac's resources so i can keep working. The simple thing I do which needs explaining is; I open the Activity Monitor and force quit all "adobe crash daemon"  processes I can find. Next I kill any process containing update in the name if I have not seen immediate results in the responsiveness of my machine. I will get jammed up by this mysterious Crash Daemon on fresh boots, reboots, middle of projects, renders, dynamic linking, no rhythm or rhyme to it at all. I say mysterious because of the irregularity of its appearance the results of its arrival and effects of its elimination. No gui, no notification, no apparent change at all to any running app or the os except for the fact that every time it appears in the activity monitor my mac runs like an oldschool pc and will not come back to life until i end it. Any thoughts, explanations? Thank You