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    Table Border Setting

    Jack Level 1

      How/where is the table border setting controlled?


      In order to have access to table options, I have to select text within the table. Otherwise, all items in the selection list are disabled (greyed out). After that, I went to Table Options | Table Setup | Table Border, selected color of White or Paper, and left Weight blank. Still, there is a black border around my table.


      Would you please show me how to control and/or delete the table border?

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          John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Yes, there must be table cells selected in order to access the various options. "Table Border" is a somewhat redundant concept that simply controls the outer stroke of the table, which can also be set using the Stroke panel or the section of Control Bar shown below. Options:

          • Do what you did before, but set a Weight of 0
          • With cells selected, in the Control Bar, click the cell-stroke proxy to turn various stokes on/off, then set color/weight as desired.
          • Do the same as previous using the Stroke panel.