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    Error Compiling Movie


      I have a video I spent a LONG time putting together on a Windows machine,  it renders fine but when I try to publish it in any format I get an Error Compiling Movie.


      It is mostly pictures and some small video clips.  I tried deleting all the movie and fades, etc. and just put the pictures in and still got an error.  One time it uploaded to Vimeo,  not sure why but it did.  Problem is I have edits and now I can't get it to publish to vimeo or my hard drive.


      It runs fine when I watch it through Premiere

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What version of Premiere Elements and on what computer operating system is it running?


          When you had that one time success with the Timeline to Vimeo, was the Timeline content at that time video and photos or just one or the other.

          I know that you said the Timeline with just pictures did not get exported successfully to hard drive save location. Did you then do all movie Timeline and try to export that to file saved to the computer hard drive? Important to do that.


          If we can point directly to the photos in this case, several possibilities..

          a. what is the format of the photos, jpeg, tiff, psd and 8 or 16 bits

          b. what is the color profile of the photos?

          c. what effects have you applied to the photos in the project?

          d. what is the total duration of the Timeline content when just photos and when just videos?


          What are the details of your project settings and export settings?


          Let us start here and then decide what next based on the details in your reply.


          Thank you.



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            grouperdawg Level 1

            Thanks...I read through some already,  my computer IQ is not super high so alot of it is over my head but I'll give them a read.

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              grouperdawg Level 1

              It is Premiere Elements Version 11,  you can actually see the video here:


              gtc on Vimeo


              I just deleted a few pics and made the last video shorter,  mostly minor edits.  I was getting the same error originally & then on an attempt through vimeo it exported.  I can go back to that vimeo version and it no longer works even though nothing changed.  I have rebooted,  re-rendered, etc.


              They are almost all JPEG's 2048 x 1536


              I'm not sure about the other picture questions


              The length is 5:36


              I've tried multiple settings for export in every format they give you an option for

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Thanks for the reply and sharing your Vimeo video with us. Well done. If you are going to edit it some more, there are maybe two red eyes that need to go.


                As for the compiling error...your photo frame aspect ratio is 4:3. Did you scale the photos to fill the space in the Edit area monitor established by the setting of the project preset? Do you see anything in that scaling that might be causing problem - gaps, leftovers, ...what about placement of transitions or titles?


                What effects did you apply to the photos besides what looks like replicate.


                Using copies of the original project, (if you have not done it already), I would like to see

                a. export with photos only

                b. export with videos only

                c. export with no transitions or titles, just photos and videos

                I believe that you said that you have done "a" and get the compiling error. But, it would be very informative if you ended up getting the compiling error just photos and just videos. I do not want to take anything for granted.


                What is the estimated file size for the export of the original project?



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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Just an Add On, related to your post 3...


                  If reviewing the details, please do not hesitate to ask me to clarify anything for which you need clarification. I will re-write if necessary to communicate.

                  Your sample video indicates that you are applying the program's principles well.



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                    grouperdawg Level 1



                    Thank you for all your help,  I think the original preset setting to import photo's was set to scale.  Then,  I adjusted them manually so they would fill the screen.  I enlarged most of the photos.  I used the cross dissolve transition between most of the photos.


                    I'm not really sure if any of the transitions in the photos or other stuff would cause any rendering problems.  I wish I knew what frame or sequence it gets stuck on.  It seems to go to about 30% or something before it has the problem.


                    I don't think I put any effects on the pictures besides the transitions and a couple of titles


                    I rendered as just an audio file,  good idea there,  it completed.  The file was 7.75 MB


                    For MPEG2,  frame rate 29.97 and frame size 720 x 480,  the file size is 247.55 MB.  I have literally tried all kinds of different formats though if you recommend one to use lmk.


                    When I just did video,  I got the error,  it's too bad it doesn't give you more detail on the error code.


                    How would I render without the transitions,  is that a publish setting or do I manually delete?


                    I can upload all the assets and premiere file to a dropbox if that would help any.


                    Thanks again for helping me with this



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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Thanks for the reply.


                      From your details, it would appear that audio has been rule out of the problem and video, photos, transitions, and titles are still in.


                      I would be glad for the opportunity to work with your project. Determine if you can send the link to the project via a Dropbox or Google Drive link.

                      I have not tried it, would either accept the link to the Copied Folder (project file plus assets) from archiving the problem project (File Menu/Project Archiver/Copy Project option)?


                      Before sending, you might want to make a copy of the original and try

                      a. project, but with transitions removed (delete each at Timeline level)


                      b. project, but with titles removed (delete each at Timeline level)


                      We will be watching for further developments.





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                        grouperdawg Level 1

                        Ok...I created a dropbox with all the assets:


                        [Personal info removed by moderator; please post a Dropbox download link instead]


                        The assets are in a folder called video


                        All of my files were in the following folder on my hard drive


                        Shared Documents\Shared Pictures\2015\Bahamas 2015\video


                        I'll try deleting the transitions, etc. this afternoon

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                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                          I have not received the Dropbox link to your sending. Instead I find what looks like your email address with its password which sounds like your email account may have been placed in jeopardy. If you are working from an email notification, that is just a notice that someone has posted in your thread which is in a public forum.


                          Please remove that personal information as soon as possible. I am not a moderator, but I will see what I can do to get that information removed or have a moderator decide what is in your best interests in this regard.


                          Please review your Dropbox sending details or consider Google Drive for the sending.





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                            grouperdawg Level 1

                            Hey ATR,  I just created a dummy email address this morning and dropbox just for this


                            If there are rules for posting your email address I'll edit & delete it and then I can PM you or something

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                              Benjamin Root MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                              Hi Mark, I have removed the personal information for you. As ATR mentioned, this is a public forum, so it is very risky to post private info. If you go to your Dropbox page, you can copy the direct link for downloading:





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                                A.T. Romano Level 7



                                It looks like a moderator took care of the links matter. Thanks moderator.


                                Let us see how you do with the transitions and titles removals. Then we can discuss in Adobe Forum private message, the matter of the sample sending details (if still necessary).


                                Thanks for the follow ups.




                                Add On...After posting my reply, I see that the moderator has given you details for the Dropbox sending.

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                                  grouperdawg Level 1

                                  Okay...I created a new copy and first started with deleting the titles and anything on the video 2 timeline and re-tried.


                                  Then I deleted the movie files,  then I deleted the checkerboard transition,  then all transitions.


                                  Took a  long time,  but I still get the same error.   I have nothing but pictures now.  I started deleting blocks of pictures & it went a little further in the process but still get the same error.


                                  I'll keep trying with deleting blocks of pictures & see if I can get it to render

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                                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                                    How many photos do you have in all? What are their pixel dimensions?


                                    Have you added any special effects to any of these photos?


                                    While you are doing this process of elimination troubleshooting, are Timeline markers still in place as well as disc menus?


                                    Depending on how many photos are left to delete, you might consider making another project copy and taking that down to one photo and determine if that works.


                                    We will be watching for further developments as your schedule permits.


                                    Best wishes