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    Manually shift mouse position

      During a drag/drop operation, I want to do some calculation if the user pauses for a 1/2 second and potentially reposition the drag proxy object relative to the mouse or perhaps just move the mouse location. Essentially a “snap to grid” type thing. I've captured the pausing with a timer event but I need to do the repositioning. Does anyone know if there is there a way to do one of the following?

      1) Shift the offset of the proxy image on the fly?

      2) Shift the actual mouse position on the fly which will also shift the proxy image?

      I'd prefer the 1st option but the 2nd would work too.

      Thanks very much in advance!
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          FlightGuy Level 1
          I'm sure there's somebody out there who would know better than I do, but in lieu of that, my guesses for you:
          1) No - I don't think so, though you could implement the drag/drop functionality yourself and have full control.
          2) I really doubt it, since the position of the mouse is courtesy of the operating system.