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    Lightroom 5.7.1 Noise adjustments not showing in Photoshop CC


      Hi, i have a similar fault to those described in this thread: Lightroom 5 adjustments not showing in Photoshop CC
      For me, it seems to only be noise adjustments not copied over when i export (as TIFF or PSD) to PS.

      It is the same when I open the Lr exported jpeg in PS

      This just happen one day mid work flow.

      I did have Nik software install but have now removed all traces (from LR, PS, app data folders, program files folders etc...) as suggested in the above thread but the problem still exists.

      I read somewhere that selecting "render with lightroom" when exporting may help but that option no longer appears. I have press "reset dialogue warnings" in both LR and PS but again, no luck.


      Windows 7 x64,

      Lr 5.7.1 x64 - Camera raw 8.7.1

      Ps CC 2015 - camera raw


      any help would be very much appreciated, thankyou




      EDIT: Now on Windows 10, still same issue


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