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    connect inquiry



      I'm woomin Lee from SAMSUNG SDS Korea.

      My company is checking up Adobe connect service so I have several qusetions about Adobe connect.


      1. How many do you have IDC center or POP for providing Adobe connect service ?

      2. How many do you have Toll-free number globally ?

      3. How much does a person need maximum bandwidth to use Adobe connect service ?

         (HD 720p quality & contents sharing)


      please answer my question as soon as possible.



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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          1. Not sure what you are asking here. Can you clarify what you mean by IDC center and POP? There are many people who use the hosted version of Connect (managed by Adobe) and many who use their own servers to host and manage Connect.

          2. Most of the fully integrated providers for telephony in Connect have global dial in options. Depending on the provider you choose to work with you may have to ask for certain locations to be provided, but that is a discussion with them.

          3. 720P video? Are you looking to share on-demand video at that quality? If so the bit rate of that video would be the primary bandwidth consumer (say 800kbps to 2Mbps depending on the video) and the rest of Connect will be fairly negligible. You can always click on the green bar just to the right of the Help menu in Connect and see your current bandwidth consumption up and down stream as well as your latency. This may help you better estimate your bandwidth needs. There is no solid number to give for bandwidth consumption as everyone's use of Connect is different and the bandwidth need will vary based on what is being done in Connect. If it helps the next to last page on this document has some bandwidth estimates for the different functions of Connect: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19289500/Adobe-Connect-9-Technical-Guide.pdf