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    Monitor RGB by Default (Upon Opening)


      I have a very confusing issue with my color profile appearing slightly yellow according to my wife.


      Every time she opens Photoshop "MONITOR RGB" is selected BUT by default there is still that yellow tint. When you go to VIEW -> PROOF SETUP -> you'll notice Monitor RGB is already selected but then you click on it again and it magically sets the profile to the monitor rgb and then the yellow tint disappears.


      Every time my wife finishes a photo and opens another the yellow tint re-appears and she then has to re apply the monitor rgb. This is very annoying and time consuming after doing 300+ photos, is there anyway to set the default to monitor rgb and have it that way upon opening Photoshop and every picture there after?


      I've taken 3 pictures to show the issue and hope anyone might be able to help resolve this. Also all of my drivers on both my graphics card (GTX 680) and my monitor are all up to date.


      FIRST OPENING PHOTOSHOP (You'll notice in the file name the monitor profile is missing)

      no rgb.png

      You'll notice below "Monitor RGB" is already selected and checked but not in effect.

      no rgb 2.png

      This is after RE-CLICKING upon the already checked "Monitor RGB" and the result is below.



      Any help would be much appreciated!