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    After Effects Renderer How to change 2gb to 3gb

    Bobs your uncle

      Hello everyone,


      As I am trying to find out a few things in regards to After Effects On board renderer.


      A) why do you only get 2gb for Final Render (AE Renderer)

      I am running a 1196 frame C4D file. Yes it has a lot in it. I am ware of the necessary steps to cut down on render times when it pertains to reflectance etc following Nick Campbell (Greyscalegorilla) Also settings in AE. However AE render indicates 32 hours to render this 36 second file.


      I have read a couple pages on line that you can change the ram allowed from 2gb to 3gb. Please see system builds as the systems are identical and have 32 GB. But only 2gb show being used to render the file. Yes other Ram is used for OS and other applications but 2gb Ram for AE "Final Render".



      Dell Precision M6800 X 2 systems

      Windows 7 64 bit

      SSD OS


      Quadro K4100M


      If someone could assist me with increasing Ram to the final render queue it would really be appreciated.


      Thanks for you time and input!