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    Composition Viewer Not Updating, another 2015 bug?



      I'm having an intermittent problem, starting with 2015 and continuing in update 1.


      I'm animating 12 vector and shape layers around a 1080 25fps Sequence. I haven't pinpointed the cause, but every so often the Composition Viewer will not update unless I click randomly on the timeline.


      So for example, if I'm animating a ball bouncing, I create keyframes and move the ball around the canvas, I can see the boundary box updating, but the viewer will not update the actual layer position until I click in the timeline.


      I have to do this after every move, whether is 1 small vector layer, or 50 render heavy elements.


      Second to this - when opening AE, or flicking quickly between comps, the viewer stays the same dark grey as the background elements of AE, and takes a few seconds to 'load' my layers.


      Any thoughts?


      - It's not the 'live updating' option


      Thank you


      After Effects CC 2015.0.1

      Mac OS X 10.10.2

      Mac Pro (2008)

      16GB Ram

      2 x 3.2 GHz Quad Core

      ATI Radeon HD 5870 1024mb