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    Browse sequence from book to topic and back to book

    Sreekanth_S Most Valuable Participant



      We are generating Responsive and Webhelp outputs from RH11.


      We have created a browse sequence to navigate between lessons (book) and between topics. The client expects these buttons to jump from the lesson to the first topic of that lesson and when they on last topic, it should take them to next lesson.


      For example, when the learner clicks Next button on Lesson 2 book, he should be taken to Topic 1 of Lesson 2. When he clicks Next button on the last topic of Lesson 2, he should be taken to Lesson 3 book. Same with Back buttons.


      We are generating browse sequence using levels in ToC. Is there a way to get the type of sequencing my client is expecting?




      P.S.: Though we are facing this issue with a FM-based RH project, I believe this is a generic issue. That is why I am posting the query here.