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    text( ) bug


      When I get the text of an element, there seems to be an extra hidden character.


      > $("#Stage_config-correctButtonNames").text().length

      < 9

      > $("#Stage_config-correctButtonNames").text()

      < "B1 B2 B3"



      After I pasted the above, when I step through the last line using arrow keys, it's clear that there is an extra character between the 3 and the "   (I don't know if this mystery character will survive the posting process though)

      However, when I print out each charCodeAt, I find the mystery character at position 0, and its code is 8203

      Where does this come from?

      I just updated to the latest version of EdgeAnimate (2015.0).  In the previous version I was using .html() instead of .text(), but had to switch due to changes in the latest version.  (Why the extra p tag Adobe?)