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    Requires too much memory to Rasterise

    thdawkins Level 1

      While doing a Lynda.com tutorial on After Effects 2015, Lesons :Introduction to 3D, while playing the preview I got the following error.


      After Effects 2015 Error Msg.png


      I have the following system setup:  AMD FX-4170 CPU 4.2Ghz; 120Gb SSD Drive, 2 TB HDD internal, 2 TB HDD External (seagate) and 2.5TB HDD External.  16 Gb 1600 DDR 3 RAM, Nvidia GTX 760 2GB GPU, LG 23EN43, AOC 2352 and LG E2350 Monitors.

      I have contacted Lynda.com about this issue and they have stated that there should be enough memory to rasterize the above mentioned file and suggested it an issue with Illustrator. 


      Is 16 Gb enough memory to run after effects and rasterise the file size of 291 Kb.


      Below is a picture of the full project


      After Effects 2015.png


      Can anyone please advise how to overcome this issue.