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    Script Consulting Effort?


      I don't know anything about Illustrator scripts, but want to do some automation. I am willing to pay for some consulting effort. I don't think it is too difficult, but hard to say since I don't know the capabilities. Here are a few things I would like to do:


      - Select the contents on a specific layer (with a known name - "Layer1") and change the stroke thickness. Also, with this layer, change the "cap" and "corner" settings.

      - Goto another layer (again with a known name - "Layer2") and perform similar operations.

      - Various other things, but those are the big ones.


      It would need to be done in either JS or VBS (though VBS may be preferred since I am sort of familiar with that). Also, it is my understanding that WSF (windows scripting file) can support running this as well, so it would be nice to embed that in a WSF so it could be run via double click (on the current doc) instead of having to do use dropdown picks to execute the script. I also have a basic WSF file that does some SendKey commands so it would nice to mix the JS or VBS in.


      Alternatively, maybe someone has some basic code to do this? Or it would be good to know this is simply not possible. Thanks

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          W_J_T Level 4

          Brian2025 wrote: I don't know anything about Illustrator scripts


          You can get familiar with things and begin your journey here: Illustrator Scripting | Adobe Developer Connection


          Regarding your request, yes it's possible.


          - As far as targeting items in specific layers, what specifically are you targeting: basic path items, or... groups, compounds, etc., ?

          - What are the various "other things" you had hoped to accomplish?


          I am only speaking of JS. Others would need to assist with the VBS / WSF / Win related stuff, however it would be possible as well given your initial request.

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            Brian2025 Level 1

            W_J_T, thanks. One of the members did respond and I am going to see how that goes. While it would be fun to learn, I just don't have much time now (other than script modification of obvious things).


            But if someone wants to kick it around with JS (Win/CS6), this would be a starting request:

            - On a layer named "Layer2", select everything. Change the stroke thickness to 0.5pt (may already be that size). Change to "Round Cap" and "Round Join" for everything on this layer.


            From that, I could probably see how things are working and mess around with it a bit.


            As far as the other things go, there is a decent laundry list, but none of them seem too hard.

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              W_J_T Level 4

              W_J_T, thanks. One of the members did respond and I am going to see how that goes.

              You're welcome, best wishes with things.