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    Automatic conversion of table cells into form buttons

    Amanda Y

      InDesign has improved the process of interactive form development by increasing how much of the button design you can do within InDesign, which is great and streamlines the process, so thanks!


      EXCEPT for where the indesign content is in a table. With a table layout, we have to create the layout, use the PDF Form Wizard which does pick up table cells well or manually draw the objects/buttons in InDesign. Then if the layout changes we're back to the beginning.


      A script isn't the answer, because it doesn't allow for future changes either. I'd imagine the script would be used to convert table cells to form buttons and/or enable the user to input button details. But the result is static, and won't update with layout changes.


      Within the table cells, if we had the opportunity to enter the button details, tool tip, button type, font size and type etc - that would be cool, and future edits easy.


      Any chance of this happening?