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    How do I prevent jpg caching

      I have a test.swf movie that loads on top of another base.swf movie using levels.

      Within the "test.swf" movie, I have a movie clip called "load1_mc" which is a blank movie clip. It is also placed on the main stage.

      On frame 1 of "test.swf" I have the following code:

      load1_mc.loadMovie(" http://www.somesite.com/cre8ive/is_online/is_online.php?user=atodd");

      This code pulls an image from the "is_online.php" file based on the variable "user=atodd"

      The image that is pulled is based on the status of the user atodd. So what I am trying to do, is prevent the swf from allowing the jpg image that loads to be cached. The over all idea is:

      A user clicks on a button on the base.swf layer.
      This opens test.swf on level 200.
      within test.swf a jpg image loads into load1_mc, but is not cached.
      the user can then unload or close the test.swf if they choose to.
      if they choose to click on the button on the base.swf again,
      the test.swf will reload on level 200, and with it the jpg will reload/ refresh.

      How do I accomplish the refresh of the jpg given the line of code that I provided?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.