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    Not all the starred images transferring from Photo Mechanic to Lightroom

    benn brown Level 1

      Since we upgraded photo mechanic we are having issues with LR reading the starred files that transfer from photo mechanic.  Not all the starred images are missing, only about 30%.  Our process is as follows:


      Import the files into LR

      Open PM and cull the images, using 1star as the selection process

      Open LR and synchronize folder

      at this stage usually 1star images will be shown


      Its this point that we have the issue.  Only 60-70% of the images 'starred'  will be reflected in LR.  After trawling through the forums, I noted that others have had the same problem but I'm unclear on what the resolution is.  I have found one solution to 'find'  the starred images is to copy the folder on my hard drive to another location, delete the original folder and the corresponding LR folder, then re import the folder back into LR.  Then all the images that are starred are reflected correctly in LR.  However, understandably, I don't want to do this with every wedding I shoot.  Can you assist please?


      Many thanks