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    InDesign and Illustrator CC 2015 does not show old eps-files correctly - but CS6 does. Solutions?




      I am working on a 3. edition of a book, and during proofreading it was noted that I had distorted a number of formulas. I was a bit scared and surprised, there are a lot of formulas in the book, and I had not touched them during editing - changes were made elsewhere in the book.


      I checked my InDesign document and was surprised to see the following note that the first image is a dump in "normal" view, the second is a "HQ" view of the formula as seen in InDesign CC 2015 and the third is a dump from the pdf of the previous edition of the book, made with updated InDesign in may 2014.


      The eps file with the formulas has not been changed in the meantime. It is an outlined eps-file (attached). When opening it in Illustrator CC 2015, it looks like the HQ view below, in Illustrator CS6 it looks like the bottom one - which is how it is supposed to look.

      In normal view.jpg

      The Problem has been solved as such, I reinstalled an oldie, InDesign CS6, and then the eps-files and formulas all looked as they were supposed to, but its sad that I have to have both the new and an old version of InDesign and Illustrator installed. Can anyone tell med why this problem occurs?


      Sincerely, Mikkel