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    Question regarding making list of web app items display horizontal and responsive on mobile?


      list template

      <div class="row">

          <div class="panel">

      <img src="{tag_head image_value}?Action=thumbnail&amp;Width=400&amp;Height=200">

          <br />    <br />





      web app in detail template

        <div class="large-3 pull-9 columns">

              <ul class="side-nav"> {module_menu menuId="1682177"}

                  <ul class="side-nav">


      Does this need to be targeted with media queries? as it is displaying vertical on desktop rather than a horizontal row, and needs to be one two up on mobile how would I target this?

      Adobe really should have some examples of responsive web apps using BC especially as now Dreamweaver is now using Bootstrap without this it makes adopting BC difficult especially as it marketed as no coding required?


      Many thanks Chris