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    Camera raw bug

    Krisztina Imre

      In Camera Raw window my images look awfully, especially in the dark areas.   I chacked all settings, graphics card is good as well. Any idea?


      Screenshot: http://www.panoramablog.eu/media/cr.png

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          Mandhir Bhatia Adobe Employee



          I think your display settings are messed up.


          You can refer the link below to reset the settings.


          Getting the best display on your monitor - Windows Help




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            Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Moving to Camera Raw Forum.

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              Krisztina Imre Level 1

              Thanks, Mandhir. I checked all settings on my monitor and all is OK.

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                ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Turn off the GPU, then, in CR / Prefs (Ctrl-K) / Graphics Acceleration (uncheck).

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                  Krisztina Imre Level 1

                  I tried but unfortunately the same situation.

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                    ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Can you post a link to your raw file, here?  Upload to dropbox.com and reply with a public share link.


                    This would help determine if the issues are in the file (it looks the same for us) or on your computer system (it works ok for us).


                    My guess, as the first person responded, is that your monitor profile is bad.


                    Keep in mind that this is a public forum so anyone who sees the post can click on the link and download the file, but if you use dropbox, then  you can control when you delete the file and therefore when it will become unavailable, again.

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                      Krisztina Imre Level 1

                      I gladly send a photo but the dark parts are ugly on all photos in CR. And just in CR. When I open in Photoshop, it is much better. Here is the download link: austria-226.dng - Google Drive

                      and two screenshots, first in CR:


                      and this is in PS


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                        ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        It looks ok,here, using ACR 9.1.1 that came out, today, so something is messed up on your computer. 


                        ACR 9.1.1:



                        Opened into PS CC 2015.0.0 - Windows 7 Professional:



                        One thing I noticed about the DNG is that is has all the default settings used, so if you've made modifications, there, that didn't get saved into the DNG you sent, check what happens if you've reset back to Adobe defaults.  Pay attention to the Tone Curve and make sure it is set to Linear:



                        Here is how things look if the lower tone-curve point isn't at 0,0:




                        Otherwise:  What is the bit-depth of your monitor?  The images you're showing look like they're 8-bit 256 colors or worse.


                        Here is where I can see on Windows 7 that my display bit depth is 32-bits:



                        And what is your monitor profile set to?  Mine is a custom one I made with an i1DisplayPro calibrator.  If yours is just the name of your monitor (and you haven't done a custom calibration) then set the monitor profile to sRGB-whatever and see if the condition clears up:



                        Finally check to see that you're not running PS in some sort of old compatibility mode:


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                          Krisztina Imre Level 1

                          Thank you ssprengel, I saw all settings thats you showed, and all my settings are good. I tried turn off monitor calibration as well but doesn't solved the problem. I buy a new monitor, but I suspect it will not solve the problem. If the new monitor works, I come with news. Thank you so much for your help.