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    Get Latest Version Prompt


      I am using Robohelp HTML 11 and I am receiving the Get Latest Version prompt for files for which I already have the latest version. We are using SharePoint as our content manager. Anyone have any thoughts on this? I would appreciate any help.

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          johndaigle Level 4


          That is basically just a reminder notification which you can turn off if you like. You can do this by going to the Options dialog (depending on your version of RoboHelp).

          Go to the "Version Control" settings and set your preferences for the "Get Latest Options".

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            michaelgd58 Level 1

            John, I appreciate your response; however, I don't want to turn off that prompt because if I do, then I will keep having to download the latest version of files for which I already have the latest version. I performed a Get Latest Version All from the Version Control command of the File menu, and when I close RH and open it again, this same prompt appears with the very same files. I think something might be hung up between RH and SharePoint. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this same issue.



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              Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              RoboHelp doesn't check whether you already have the latest version for this prompt. The option John mentions simply turns this prompt on or off. If it's on, RH will always ask you to get the latest version, even if you just did a get latest all 5 mins previous.