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    Issue with ACR and CS6

    RJ Dougall

      Thank you for your courtesy - I have been playing with this all evening

      - and I think I have finally activated PSCS6. I was able to install the

      64 and 32 bit version as 30 day trials. I had been having a problem

      using ACR - somehow I had version 9.1 which the chat people told me was

      not really compatible to CS6. In 64bit version, from Bridge I could only

      access ACR when working on a RAW file - not JPG and not TIF - although

      the preference box was set properly. I thought I could download an older

      version of ACR and install it. The effort to reinstall from my original

      DVD from Adobe was really to go back to an older version of ACR. When I

      finally was able to use the trial version of the 64 bit and then the 32

      bit versions, I found myself using ACR Version 7.0 - and I was now able

      to open ACR from BRIDGE working on a JPG or RAW file - still no TIFF.

      This hurts because I have been doing a massive scanning exercise with

      iterally thousands of 110, 126, 120 and 35mm negatives and saving them

      all as TIFFS - and I had been opening batches of these and doing some

      initial processing with ACR, then opening and fine tuning by spotting,

      NIK Viveza etc, then renaming and inserting in appropriate folders - a

      massive job - when suddenly the TIF files would no longer open in ACR.

      Thus this whole exercise in frustration. Just before I received your

      e-mail, I tried the 32bit Photoshop and a dialog box opened trying to

      sell me CC - and it gave me a chance to register my program - I decided

      to try this - and my second try worked - and I seem to be activated. I

      guess I'll know for sure when I close it and try to open it again.


      I found the chat exercise also frustrating last evening as one person

      transferred me to someone else and I had to keep repeating what I had

      said before - and what I said the second time did not seem to register.

      I do not think I will answer the survey.


      Thanks for listening.


      Dick Dougall

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          Atul_Saini Adobe Employee

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            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Your chat experience is typical.  They have a script of questions to follow, despite what you tell them or what another CS person has done, already.  They are really just a human interface to an Adobe knowledge base, not people that use PS and know what they are doing from personal experience, other than what issues they might have helped with on the phone/chat before.


            ACR 9.1 is compatible with CS6, but ACR 9.2 and newer versions won't be so maybe that is what the chat people have heard and are slightly mistaken on what the last version of ACR is that works.


            When you say you cannot work with TIFs in ACR what happens when you try and how are you trying to open ACR on the TIFs?  For example, are you right-clicking in Bridge and you don't have the Open in Camera Raw option?


            Can you upload one of these TIFs to www.dropbox.com and others can try to open it, in case there is something amiss with your computer, as opposed to the TIF, itself, being incompatible.

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              RJ Dougall Level 1

              Thank you for responding to this issue. Since those unhappy postings, a

              knowledgeable friend realized that ACR does not deal with files that

              include layers. I often save TIF files with type layers so that I can

              edit text should I find that needed. ACR on my machine now opens TIF and

              JPG so long as there are no saved layers in TIF. This may help explain

              why ACR does not open PSD files.


              Since I had to re-install PhotoShop in this process, I am now using ACR

              version 7.


              This experience has given me even more reason to work on becoming more

              proficient with the stand-alone possibilities with both TOPAZ and OnOne

              products. The browser alone in Perfect Photo Suite is worth the effort.


              Several years ago I was a product tester for Premiere Pro and found the

              Adobe support team fabulous -especially a contact I dealt with in

              Northern India.


              Again, thank you.


              Dick Dougall

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                ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                That makes sense.  ACR can open TIFs and PSDs that have a composite preview layer on top, and then only that layers pixels are adjusted.

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                  RJ Dougall Level 1

                  Thanks - you have just sparked a thought that has been bugging me -

                  before all of this, I would not have thought about ACR opening a TIF or

                  not because most of the time when I have had a complex or multi-layered

                  file, I would do that composite layer on top - and ACR must have been

                  routinely opening for those. What brought this all to a head was a

                  tedious and lengthy bout of scanning old negs of every size - and I

                  would do an adjustment in Nik Viveza or similar to produce a file with

                  reasonable contrast, exposure, and detail in highlights and shadows -

                  and as soon as that quick fix was done, I would save and go on to the

                  next one. So, I am thinking that the inability to access ACR with these

                  files was a problem. Co-incidentally, it is also possible for more than

                  one issue to rear ugly heads about the same time. Not only was I not

                  able to access ACR with a CTRL R from BRIDGE, I was also not able to

                  access PhotoShop with CTRL O for those TIF images. So, re-installing

                  PhotoShop may have been necessary after all - because those issues are

                  history now -- knock on wood.