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    Adobe Lightroom 6 is in need of fix asap!


      I was using Adobe Lightroom 5.7 and flying through my picture editing, as wedding season is now upon us most of us photographers are using Adobe Lightroom, some like me thought I know I'll upgrade to 6 - ohhh myyy goddd, don't bother.


      I'm so close to asking for a refund, 6 is not a scratch on 5.7, this new Lightroom is slow and geared towards some gimmicky features.  I now find my Lightroom 6 constantly crashing, I'm now at a point where I cant even disable the GPU tick box without the software crashing.  So now what!!!! ok looks like I'm going to have to re-install Lightroom 6 for the third time, it's ok Adobe I have all the time in the world - errr nooo.


      Does anyone on here have a fix or work around so I can actually untick this GPU box in the preferences without the software throwing a wobbly? otherwise I'm going to have to re-install all over again and delete my preferences.