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    I have a problem about AIR Android SDK


      I made a game with using  Adobe Flash Professioanal CS6- AIR for Android;

      I also published my game on Play Store (click to see), my application works on lot of Android devices succesfully(like:GM one, htc desire 300,  galaxy win, tab3 etc.) but some Samsung devices couldn't run this. Especially which have big inch screens. Example Galaxy note,S  series usually cant run but S mini series running succesfully .. tab3 can run but tab4 getting eror (This Application Stopped Working).  also Galaxy S6 get black screen :/ but a lot of big inched devices getting Stopped Working eror ...

      What'd be the main problem ?


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          sinious Most Valuable Participant

          I can verify it doesn't work on the SGNote using the latest OS5 Lolli. It crashes immediately, I can't even get a single visual.


          Since nothing graphical works from an immediate start, that suggests to me that you should carefully consider your app startup process. Things like, how are you getting OS details such as screen size and what are you doing to utilize those pixels? Are you immediately trying to invoke a Context3D or StageVideo? If so, are you running the proper detections for availability before you push the device in? What I'm mostly wondering here is if you're trying to force the device in a context right from the start that you haven't really given enough time to exist or tested for. Samsung's are not known for giving trouble, and in fact quite the opposite, usually offer very forgiving environments with lots of CPU/GPU/RAM to rely on.


          Any information you share on your apps start-up process will be helpful. Including getting device and OS information, handling screen orientation, contexts and loading initial assets.