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    Footnote Popup Window


      I often read magazines that have links to bible scriptures as well as other books that have various footnotes.  When using programs such as Calibre, iBooks, MoonReader, etc, They all have the feature of popping up the scripture in a small window.  However Adobe Digital Editions takes me to a completely different page to view the scripture or footnotes.  This is extremely frustrating that Adobe Digital Editions does not do this as it KILLS the reading experience.  It's jarring to move to a different page as well as it takes unnecessary time to figure out how to go back to the page I was previously on.  Please add this feature in the future.


      Below is a link to an epub magazine you can download that will show you plenty of examples of the links to bible scriptures I am talking about.  Again if you compare how a program such as Calibre displays the scripture, you will instantly see the advantage. 

      http://www.jw.org/download/?issue=20150701&output=html&pub=wp&fileformat=EPUB&alllangs=0&l angwritten=E&txtCMSLang=E&isBi…


      Also, I would just like to say thanks for this program.  It's annotation ability and layout is better then any other windows program I have found.  If little things like this footnote popup window could be added it would enable me to just use your program instead of multiple ones.