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    Keying + Tracking for Smartphone/Tablet with Green Screen


      1. I shot a commercial and in the commercial we have people holding an ipad or iphone and the screen of the devices were green like the pics below. Now I have to overlay some UI/UX from apps and web platforms onto the devices. I've never done this before and need a tutorial on how to do it. I know it involves keying, tracking and Adobe After Effects. There isn't much movement besides slight hand shaking and a tiny movement.



      2. Also, I never know when to use tracking markers on the ipad/iphone green screen. We use an app that allows you to have a pure green screen or little tracking markers like the pics below. I've been told by some vfx people that they prefer just a green screen, but others say they need tracking markers because it will take super long if there are no tracking markers. They would have to do it frame by frame. So what I think I've gathered is that - if the green screen is completely still it can be a pure green screen, and if there is movement involved you need tracking markers?