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    bookmarks indents don't match the table of contents

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      I am having a problem where the bookmarks in the bookmarks panel are not indented the same as the table of contents are indented.


      For example:


      Table of Contents;




      On the bookmark panel:


      Bookmarks panel.PNG


      Any ideas what I need to change in either the Table of Content style of the styles of the headers used to make the table of contents so the indenting matches?


      I am using InDesign CC2015 on a Windows 7 machine. My boss is using a Mac. We have both updated InDesign from CC since we have been working together, and this issue has occurred no matter which version, computer, or operating system we are on.


      Thanks!! This is driving us a little nuts.

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can't control the way the Bookmarks panel appears in either InDesign or Acrobat/Reader.


          You can change the indenting of a level of a TOC.


          The levels are set by including the paragraph styles you want in the TOC.

          When you have an included paragraph style selected in the "Include Paragraph Styles" list, below that is "Entry Style"


          Entry Style is a paragraph style used to format the appearance of that level. If you want a larger or smaller indent for a level change the indent within that particular paragraph style.