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    Show The Link I Click On At Top Of Page


      To give an example, each month I have an epub file with a schedule of material that I need to look over.  The epub file shows the schedule with a link to all the reference material.  My problem is that when using Adobe Digital Editions to view this epub file, when I click the link to the reference material, it does not display the reference materiel at the top of the page. Instead the reference material is somewhere on this page and I have to take time to find it.  This is JARRING and NOT A SMOOTH or enjoyable experience having to try and locate the reference material that I have just clicked on.  If you compare how Calibre or iBooks handles this for example, it puts the reference material at the top of the page so that my eyes always know right where to look for the material I have clicked on.  So it would be great if either you made the program work more like those programs, or better yet if the reference material could be opened up in a new window or in a tabbed window so it would be even more clearer to the user as to what they have clicked on. I believe moonreader for android does this, but I'm not positive.


      To give you a better idea of what I'm talking about, below is an epub file you can download that I receive monthly.  Comparing how your program works in comparison to the others I mentioned should make the point obvious as to why this would be a good thing to implement in the future. 

      http://www.jw.org/download/?issue=201502&output=html&pub=km&fileformat=EPUB&alllangs=0&lan gwritten=E&txtCMSLang=E&isBibl…


      I also would like to say thanks again for your great product.  As far as I have found, there is nothing better as far as the layout or annotation abilities of Adobe Digital Editions.  If the reading experience was just more enjoyable it would be the perfect program for epub viewing and annotating.