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    Table editor does not display tags correctly


      When we have a tagged document that has a tagged table, where the table has some vertically oriented text in it, the table editor will not display the TH and TD tags correctly, even though the tags in the tag tree are correct.  Basically, most of the TDs and THs simply do not display in the table editor under these conditions.  Here are some images:


      The Table:



      Here I have highlighted the cells:


      Table-Highlighted Cells.PNG


      ...and With Table Editor turned on:


      Table-Table Editor.PNG


      It is a little difficult to see, but in table editor only about 15 cell show up.  Normally I would just say, "hmm, what a strange quirk," but we have a client that uses the table editor to determine if the table is compliant with 508 standards.  (I know this is not the best way to do this, but they are the client....) They are saying this table is non-compliant because of the way it displays in the table editor.  This quirk seem to happen in both Acrobat Pro X and Acrobat Pro XI.  Anyone have any ideas about how to fix this.


      P.S. We also use Commonlook to remediate compliance, and in that product, these tables all check out fine.