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    Can you help get my rollovers working?


      Hi everyone,

      I have a vision for this PDF that is killing me to implement.


      So, I'm doing a graphic based on the food pyramid, but it's how a writer should spend his time. When someone rolls over the section of the pyramid, I want that part to light up in yellow, and have a text box appear.


      How I did this was to create a pyramid with each section lit up. I made these into buttons and named them "Pyr _". For the rollover zone, I made transparent "hot spots," which I named HS: _. It's almost working,  but once you roll over a few the rest stop working and it's making me crazy! I can't figure it out. So close, yet so far away.


      Any help would be awesome!


      See page 7:



      Here's the exported PDF

      Dropbox - Page 7 attempt 5.pdf


      Indesign 2015