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    moved folder while rendering was in progress


      Like a dummy, I moved a folder that the file was rendering in, which had a .aac and .m4v and when this 80 hour render was finished, it seemed to not move with the folder, and that folder was no longer there. It didnt recreate that folder, the file just never showed up.


      Is there a way to still get this render out or finish it? I definitely do not want to render for another 80 hours.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          That's highly-compressed audio & video.  If you have a lossless archival copy of this render -- always a good thing to have, for reasons that are now painfully clear  --  you can use it to transcode to the files you need.


          But the thing is, we don't know if 80 hours a crazy-long render time or not.  What are you doing in this comp?  Details are good....