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    ScriptArgs attached to an EnqueueJob command in LBQ



      I'm currently using a soapClient in php to launch indesign server commands on instances with specific ports.


      $myHost = $host . ':' . $port;


      $myWSDL = "$myHost/Service?wsdl";


      $client = new SoapClient($myWSDL, array('trace' => true, 'encoding' => 'utf-8', 'location' => $myHost));


      $scriptArgs = array( array("name" => "xmlStr", "value" => $xml));


      $script_parameters = array("scriptFile" => "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CC Server x64\Scripts\script.jsxbin", "scriptArgs" => $scriptArgs, "scriptLanguage" => 'javascript');


      $script_data = array("runScriptParameters" => $script_parameters);


      $result = $client -> RunScript($script_data);


      $xml is a xml string and I pass this argument to my script.

      I now want to use the load balancing approach and I successfully launched 4 instances.

      How can I pass my scriptArgs (or xml) as parameter to the LBQ http://XX.XX.XX.XX:8080/com.adobe.clover.application/api/idsqueue/EnqueueJob ?

      In the documentation, I read that:

      "The EnqueueJob command does not provide a mechanism for including script arguments. A workaround for this is to either write the values into the script or generate a script with the parameters written into it that calls the intended script using the app.doScript command. This approach is demonstrated in the AIR client included in the InDesign CS5 Server SDK."

      But I have no idea  how to do that with my structure.

      Do you have any suggestions or solutions?