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    Indesign 2015 seems to have major performance issues...

    Artwork@cre8ed Level 1

      This version of Indesign seems to hang on every mouse click, menu selection and item draw or addition.

      It starts with a blank page ok and as things are added... especially graphics, the program SLOWS right down to where

      I have waited 20 to 30 seconds on each mouse click or arrow over click to simply move an object.

      We have had to return working in version 2014 in order to get things done. This is frustrating however, as Indesign 2014 will not open a 2015 document.

      So we need to keep 2015 open just to create the IDML to open in 2014. That prevents double clicking on ANYTHING as it will always open in 2015, thus causing a major delay again in order to just carry on working. Is there any fix or anything that can be done, other than opening every document and saving IDMLs and then uninstalling 2015.