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    Output option for I-pods?

    Glen Gummess
      I've been asked to find out if there is a way to publish audio narration from Presenter to a format (mp3?) for download to an I-pod. I don't have an I-pod so my base knowledge about this is pretty low. What I'm hoping to find is a command from within Presenter that can export audio to mp3 (I guess).

      Thanks in advance for your input.

      Glen Gummess
      instructional designer
      University of St. francis
      Joliet, IL
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          robva65 Level 2
          Hi Glen!

          Actually there is a way, but it requires some hunting around first. Here's what we've done:

          After publishing the ppt deck and converting into Breeze content, there's a data folder that get created; in it are a series of mp3 files. We've taken those mp3 files and compiled everything using Audacity and Sound Forge to create a larger, single mp3 file for podcasting purposes.

          Hope that helps!

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            Glen Gummess Level 1

            Indeed, it does help, Rob. I know about that "data" file (I fussed with it yesterday). It contains one mp3 file for each slide in the presentation, meaning there are numerous mp3s (to be obvious). The trick is to somehow combine those mp3s into one mp3, no? That's where Audacity and Sound Forge come in. I'm familiar with Audacity, but not Sound Forge.

            What about this idea? You have your original Powerpoint show with audio narrations on each slide. Hypothetically, let's call it "mypres.ppt". What if these steps were tried?

            Save mypres.ppt under a different filename to preserve the original, (e.g. "mypresMp3.ppt").

            From the Breeze menu of Powerpoint, working in mpresMp3.ppt, choose "audio editor".

            Select and copy the entire audio on the timeline.

            Paste the entire audio onto the first slide.

            Delete the remaining slides; the result is one slide on the slide show, "mpresMp3.ppt".

            Breeze--> Publish --> to your computer.

            Open the published data file-- and there it is: one "mp3" file containing all of that audio.

            What do you think?