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    Can't get Lightroom refund.  Suggestions?


      Returned Lightroom 6 upgrade, wasn't satisfied,  on 7/9/15 and still no refund.  Never have I received a runaround that compares to this.  Phone support is a joke and the chat is even worse!  I've spent a small fortune over the years with Adobe and this is what's it's come down to.  $87 stinking bucks!  Beats any damn thing I've ever experienced! 

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          See what happens if you dispute the charge with your credit card company.

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            JoA41 Level 1

            I'm having the same problem getting a refund for Photoshop Elements/Premiere Elements.  They keep saying my refund had "technical difficulties." (Using the lame CHAT, with reps from India that can't communicate clearly in English.)  It was supposedly granted but never processed to my credit card.  A second request for the refund isn't even appearing in my account record.  I will be disputing the charge with the credit card company if it hasn't posted by Monday, but I don't have much hope.  How could a company that was once top in their field go down so far.  I will never buy anything from them again and would recommend anyone who thought they might need a refund to stay away from them.