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    Edge Animate 2015 responsive scaling ignores padding and margin of parent container


      So, I have discovered the most frustrating problem with the new CC 2015 release of Edge Animate. I have an animation that I am using responsive scaling on. I had this animation almost complete yesterday in Edge Animate CC 2014. Then my genius self saw that 2015 had been out for a while and i hadn't updated! Big mistake!


      So, here's the details of my problem. The site I am creating was designed with a 20px padding around the entire body of the site to give it an inset white border. The published files from CC 2014 respected this padding perfectly and everything resized great. Then I download CC 2015 and suddenly my animation was running off the page. It completely ignored the padding on the body element and made the animation equal width to the entire window itself instead. Keep in mind, the animation isn't just sitting alone inside the body or anything either. It is inside a section tag that respects the padding. Even the flow-wrapper that animate generates respects the padding, but then the stage and center-wrapper divs both grow outside their parents.


      Here is what I have tried so far:

      • tried switching from px width and height to 100% for both. responsive scaling no longer available. no go.
      • checked the edge animate runtime JS to see if maybe they switched their code from using .width() to using .outerWidth() but it all looks to still be using .width()
      • tried applying max-width: 100% to the stage and content-wrapper divs, but it did nothing
      • took padding off of body and tried both margin and padding on section but animate ignored both
      • finally just put overflow:hidden on section. this keeps the presentation from looking broken, but i did lose 40px off the right edge of my animation


      Anyone who has ANY input on this I would really appreciate it. As far as I can see this is a pretty major bug in Edge Animate CC 2015.


      -- Oh, one other thing that has come up in discussing with other devs on my team is that maybe it is a weird side effect of using box-sizing:border-box? It seems unlikely, but maybe?