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    How do I embed a font on FB4.7 for mobile

    goodnewsjim Level 1



      I'm using the Andalus font, and everything worked fine with the emulator so I didn't think I'd have to be concerned with what it looked like on my Nexus 7.

      But when I used it on Nexus 7, it was using a default font instead of Andalus.


      How do I embed?


      I tried:

      private var myEmbeddedFont:Class;


      But I got an error:"invalid Unicode range 'ENGLISHRANGE'"


      I browsed the web for help, and it had me editing up my AIR SDK files, but that didn't work at all.


      Anyone have help?   This should be easy to do.  I must be missing something.

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          goodnewsjim Level 1

          I spent about 2 hours aligning the Andalus font up on my video game "Throne and Crown."  I don't want to be forced to use Times New Roman.


          I'm using Air 17.0


          Anyone with even ideas on what to check will be appreciated.  I don't think I can use CSS because MXML slows games on mobile.


          Again any help big or small is appreciated since I've exhausted Google searches of this.

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            kawikaheftel Level 3

            Here is how I embed a font in my iOS application using FB 4.7:


            [Embed(source="../../../embed/doctor_soos_bold_3.0.ttf", fontName="DoctorSoosBold", mimeType = "application/x-font-truetype", embedAsCFF="false")]
              protected static var DR_SOOS_FONT:Class;


            I think the embedAsCFF="false" line is important, though I'm not sure why.


            When I need to use it in a textfield, I set fontName="DoctorSoosBold".  I'm using Starling and Feathers, but under the hood it uses a native Flash Textfield, so I'm also using regular TextFormat objects.  To use it with a native flash textfield I think you just assign the TextFormat to tf.defaultTextFormat:

            tf.defaultTextFormat = new TextFormat("DoctorSoosBold", 20, 0xFFFFFF);
            tf.text = "Hello world!"