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    Premiere 9 - Accidentally deleted finished project


      Today I finished a 38 minute wedding video and spent an hour and a half saving it. My desktop was a mess because of all the files I was using for it and I put most of them in the recycle bin thinking I was finished.. And i deleted what was in the recycling bin afterward.
      I went to open the finished video again from the search bar (as I did the first few times. the desktop was so messy I couldn't find it to begin with) and I realized I couldn't find it. All that was left was a file with the same title as the video. I didnt thin kit was such a problem, (I could just resave) until I opened premiere back up and the whole thing said "Media Offline". I looked at other threads for help but couldn't find anything.  So basically

      1) Can I recover the video from the file that was left behind


      2)How do I get the media back into premiere 9 without having to redo everything?


      This is kind of urgent so any help would be greatly appreciated!