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    Toggle a sliding menu

    Corrie1000 Level 1

      This is probably really simple but I'm a complete beginner....


      I have a menu that I'd like to slide in on pressing the menu button, then slide away when the button is pressed again.


      I have animated the menu to slide out (inside a symbol) so I'm hoping I can code it to play in reverse.

      (The animated menu is labelled 'menuhidden' at the start and 'menuout' at the end, with a stop function at the end)


      This is the code I've tried, but on pressing the button the menu symbol just keeps playing from the start:


      if (sym.$ == "menuout") { sym.getSymbol("burgermenu").playReverse("menuout") }

      else {

      sym.getSymbol("burgermenu").play("menuhidden") };


      Any help appreciated