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    Can't open project from DB

      I am about ready to throw this machine out the window!! I have installed Robohelp X5 and updated to 5.0.2. I also installed a VCS patch since RH doesn't like to play nice with PVCS. I can open projects from local drives just fine, but when I try to open a project from our database, I get this: "Unknown exception error, please contact ..." This occurs after I select my location to store files and click OK. I know my username and password are good because other users can open projects on their machines using my login info. I cannot open any projects using anybody else's info either. This is the second box that I've had this occur, I actually requested a new one to see if it would work on a different machine and the exact same thing happens. So, I would greatly appreciate any help with this!
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          CraigCC Level 2
          Not used PVCS for version control but have had a lot of success with VSS and robohelp recently.

          Are you trying to open the project directly from the server by chance? If so check out many previous posts on this issue. Basically, robohelp doesn't play well when project files are accessed directly form the server. We use VSS to store, share and backup files BUT always open projects locally. No problems so far.

          Or have I missunderstood your question?
          Kind Regards
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            jbradar Level 1
            Thanks for the reply. Let me give you some more details. Oh and I'm not using PVCS for VC with Robohelp, but I do have it installed on my machine for other projects.

            What I am doing is trying to open the project through RoboSource Control. Once in RoboHelp HTML I select the Open from RoboSource option from the Open Project dialog box, and it prompts me to enter the server and DB name, with my username and password. After that, it accesses the project and asks me to select a location to store the files on my local drive. Once I do that and click OK to proceed, I get the error. What SHOUILD happen is it should copy the files to the specified location on my local drive and allow me to then open the project, but I can't get that far. It's very frustrating, especially since everyone else can do it but me.