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    Track Motion Problem


      Hi there,


      Well, m new to Adobe and AE both. Please, Pardon me if i lack technicality or not properly putting up my problem. I'm using a much old version right now, cs6.

      I was trying to track an object in a footage, so I go to the Window and bring the Tracker on screen. On Tracker, I select Track Motion, it pops out 2 square boxes

      with a Track Point. I put the boxes around the object and Track Point at the middle of the object. There are 2 ways to track, Analyze Forward and Analyze 1 Frame

      Forward. When I pick the Analyze Forward to track, the Track Point and Boxes moves ahead with the object and I get the data but when I pick the Analyze 1 Frame

      Forward to track, the Track Point and Boxes doesn't move ahead with the object. I don't know if I pressed any key or what that it's not working. Please, help me out.