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    Need sound to play on swf imported into second swf using loadMovie

      I have a parent movie with a couple of placeholder movieclips on it. I use the loadMovie to load 2 separate SWFs onto the placeholders at runtime:

      one swf contains the sound, which I initialize by using the following:

      sounds = new Object();
      sounds.reelSpin1L = new Sound();

      now, I also wrote a function inside this same swf, which I want to call from a second swf, which reads,:
      function playReelSpin(){
      sounds.reelSpin1L.start(0, 99);
      trace ("Playing ReelSpin Music!");
      trace ("the sound has played");

      Now, when I call the function from the other swf at runtime, I can see the trace message on the output window, but I don't hear the sound!

      The weird part is, when I run the first swf, the one that I initialized the sound, and call the function, it works just fine.

      So in conclusion, I need to know why the sound won't play on an swf that has been loaded into another swf at runtime.

      I appreciate any help you can provide.

      -Pat Ferguson