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    Need to edit multiple photos in cast

      I have a cast of 1500 images to which a watermark needs adding. I do not have the original files and so cannot batch and re-import. It seems that I cannot copy and paste a text field from one image to the next in the bitmap editor. Any ideas?
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          duckets Level 1
          You could use the 'copyPixels' command to copy the image of the text member onto the bitmap image. Something like this:

          repeat with n=1 to 1500
          img = member(n,"image cast").image
          watermark = member("watermark text").image
          destRect = watermark.rect.offset(30,60)
          img.copyPixels(watermark, destRect, watermark.rect, [#blend:10])
          end repeat

          This will operate directly on the cast member images, so of course make sure you have backups of your cast member images first! It assumes your watermark text cast member is called "watermark text". For best results use a larger font size for antialiased text (or force all sizes to antialised text in the property inspector). It uses a blend of 10% to make a faint watermark but of course you can change this.

          hope this helps!

          - Ben

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            Dsotm Level 1

            Many Thanks - I thought there had to be an easier way!