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    Cut out Photoshop shapes pixelating in InDesign? HELP.

    Masterclass2015 Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      I've cut out a very simple image of a fireplace on photoshop and deleted the original layer so it's now a shape.

      On Photoshop it looks perfect however when I place it into InDesign it pixelates.

      I've already tried the following!


      1) The image is at 300ppi so should be fine

      2) the screen mode is on High Quality Display

      3) It's linked up fine

      4) I've exported it as a Photoshop PDF and placed that too with the same results

      5) I'm viewing it on Overprint Review


      I'm going slightly potty trying to work out what's wrong with it and I've never had this problem before.



      Thank you!