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    Director to HTML in OS XP


      My employer has just changed my PC operating system from windows 2000 to windows XP. When working in XP, Director (dir) files published as HTML work but do not show embedded Quicktime movies or any other movie format. When I open the HTML in a browser a warning message appears warning that Quicktime extras are missing. Projectors published from the same dir work OK .
      I have the required Quicktime Extra "QT6asset"in Director's EXTRAS folder. When I add a Quicktime cast member to the Director file and create a sprite, the QT6Asset extra enters the Movies extas list in the Movies extras window. I always have all embedded Quicktime movies in the same folder that contains the dir,shockwave file, and HTML. My Quicktime player is working correctly. Our IT people have no solution to the problem.
      I have never had this problem when using Windows 2000 O.S.
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          You need to mark the xtra as "Download if needed..." so that your
          Shockwave installation (as well as the authoring environment) has a copy
          of the required xtra/s. Modify -> Movie -> Xtras, select the relevant
          xtra and check the box - you need to be connected to the Internet when
          you do this.
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            Many thanks Sean but I dont think this is the problem. I have ensured that the "Download if needed check box" is checked for the "QT6Asset X32 " Xtra when it is selected in the Modify>Movie>Xtras list of the dir file. However the embedded Quicktime movies still do not show in the Shockwave player when the HTML is opened in a browser. The play /stop control bar of the Quicktime movies do show in the Shockwave player when the HTML is played but they are not functional, and the movies are not visible.
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              Then you are perhaps viewing it locally (rather than from a web server)
              and therefore need to have a folder named 'dswmedia' somewhere in the path
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                Many thanks Sean. I am viewing the html files locally rather than from a web server. However when successfully viewing html in a browser using a PC with operating system Windows 2000, there is no folder called 'dswmedia' in the path. The path is as follows
                D:\ MSC lab2 task3\lab2 task 3director movie and source files\ lab2 task3 htm.
                D is a partition of the hardrive of the PC.
                MSc lab2 task3\ is a folder that contains various fles and folders.
                lab2 task3 movie and source file is a folder containing the files
                1. Director movie named lab 2 task 3
                2. Shockwave movie named lab 2 task 3
                3. Html file named lab 2 task 3
                4. Copies of 4Quicktime movies that are embedded in the Director movie

                Are you saying that if I include copies of files 1,2,3,(and the quicktime movies) in a folder named dswmedia on the hard drive of my PC that runs Windows XP the htm file will open and play OK in a browser. This would be great. Unfortunately my PC that runs XP is not working at present but I will try it out as soon as possible. Many thanks for your help.
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                  If you search the docs for 'dswmedia' you'll find a number of references
                  you should perhaps read.
                  In short, to access linked content from a local HDD this named folder
                  needs to be part of the path (so that a movie can't browse the local
                  file system)
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                    Including a folder named dswmedia in the path has solved the problem.
                    Many thanks