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    Bullets and Numbering vanished completely - Head melted!!!


      Hi all you friendly people, a little help is needed before my brain melts and trickles out my ear.


      I use InDesign CS6 at work and my Bullets and Numbering have vanished completely. Without warning, I just fired up InDesign one morning and went to add some bullets to a doc and they weren't where they used to be:

      Bullets gone.jpg

      Just gone. Gone from the Paragraph toolbar and gone from the Type tab. I've reset my Workspace repeatedly and they haven't returned.

      Bullet points gone.jpg

      I've checked and I haven't turned off the bullet and numbering option in the Customize Control Panel because I can't, because that option doesn't even exist. The Bullets and Numbering option has vanished.

      Customepane gone.jpg

      I work beside two designers who use InDesign on a daily basis, both of them are stumped as to what could have happened. Mainly they just laugh at my misfortune.


      I have reinstalled InDesign and it didn't work.

      Currently, I am creating documents and then having to use a different computer to add in the bullet points. Which is a bit frustrating.


      Any ideas? Help me please!