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    MAC indd file on PC version - constantly requests Helvetica


      Hello, I received indesign file from a guy who uses mac. I am on PC. every time I open the document it tells me that I do not have several Helvetica fonts that I am aware of, I change it to Arail and its all good until next time I open the file when the story repeats itself.


      I changed Basic Style to arial, all other styles also are placed helvetica with arial etc, so in Paragraph styles there is no Helvetica, however, when I highlight the text and press any of the paragraph styles it highlights selected text in pale pink/orange and guess what... it changes it all back to helvetica again,


      So my question is, where do i change the "some kid of master settings" so the file forgets it comes from a MAC machine...


      Please help.



      I am happy to provide the file....