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    Comments on latest update and Hidden Tools

    darenwoodward Level 2

      I was psyched to see that the app was updated yesterday, but couldn't really figure out what the updates were right away. The version notes are the exactly the same as the last update. After playing around a little, I realized the color panel has been upgraded, and it seems like the sliding scale that lets you choose the opacity and pen size has been adjusted to make it less sensitive. (This is a great adjustment BTW)


      But my comments are regarding the hidden set of tools in the layer panel.


      I wish Adobe would consider moving the sub-menu containing the rotate/duplicate/move/trash tools to the top of the layer panel. Keep it in plain sight and have the same set of controls apply to the layer you're currently on – like it was in Ideas. Hiding this menu and then repeating it once for every layer is impractical.


      Recently I had to work up some rough concepts for a set of web icons for a client, and I thought I would try doing it in Draw. It became so labor-intensive to duplicate and flip and move similar elements of the designs around that I actually started to get angry.


      If I could change one thing about Draw to make it easier to use, this would be it.