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    InDesign Default Save/Save As Location Issue

    MPCMacDaddy Level 1

      I've updated two of my graphic designers from CC 2014.2 to 2015 (  When they open a file in InDesign to work on and click Save from the File menu or via command+s, it saves to a different folder than the one the file had opened from.  However, using Save As or Up Arrow+command+s, it will open the directory path the file was opened from.  I've scoured the Prefs in InDesign and cannot find this setting.  I know I had the same issue a few months ago when I updated the dept from CS6 to CC 2014.2 and for the life of me, cannot find the setting/fix I used before.


      Using 2013 15-inch MacBook Pro Retina laptops with 10.10.3 installed.  I'm sure this is easy, but I'm at a loss.  Anyone have a quick reply as to how I can rectify this relatively small issue?