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    RH crashes after renaming project

      Hello - I can't find information about this problem anywhere. I have a RH html project (locally). RH version is X502. I renamed the project with File ->Rename project.
      RH renamed the project, then promptly crashed. It crashes every time I open this project with a "RH needs to close this project" type message.

      I deleted the CPD file and tried again with no luck.

      I had rebooted after the first crash as I thought it might be due to the fact that I'd downloaded some Windows update (corporate machine) and it was asking me to reboot but I hadn't yet. That might have caused the problem?

      In any event, bad me did not back up first. And I hadn't created any output yet.
      I know I can create a new project and import the files but am wondering if anyone else has experienced this.