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    Why cant I print to PDF? The options in Print > Setup are grayed out

    Ben Beech



      I am currently paying a monthly subscription for Photoshop and Lightroom. I am ready to add InDesign to my CC package as I need to sometimes create InDesign documents (20+ page books/spreads) to print out. As I don't have a printer at home, i will need to save these as PDF docs and print out elsewhere. I have downloaded the trial version of InDesign to make sure I can do this before purchasing the full version....

      But, when I try to print to PDF (an A3 24 page booklet 2-up saddle stitch) it only saves the left hand pages, so I lose half of my document. Also the options in Print > Setup are greyed out (see attached), so I cant change the size of the paper from A4 to A3 to cover the right hand pages. Also PDF is not an option available in the drop down menus as a printer, but PostScript File is available, is this the same as PDF?


      Can somebody please talk me through how to overcome this issue so that I can save my 24 page booklet as a PDF using 2-up saddle stitch. I hope that makes sense.


      Thank you




      PS - On a side note I called the customer care (UK) number first with this issue, after waiting an hour I was told that nobody can help me, before being hung up on. I wasn't impressed at all. Is there really nobody who can answer my question at the customer care center or did I just get unlucky with that unhelpful staff member?